• Lee, Yun Kyung, Ph.D.


    Gut microbiota, Intestinal stem cell, Gut organoid, Mucosal immune system

    Room 405, SIMS


We encounter the tremendously diverse microbial communities over the course of our lives starting with a birth. The recent understanding from numerous studies indicates that our health is highly dependent on the contribution of intestinal commensal bacteria, called microbiota. To thrive within our body, the microbiota has evolved to play an irreplaceable role in the host health. Our immune system has been also evolutionally developed the sophisticated mechanisms to distinguish between commensal microbes and pathogens to maintain the symbiosis. The intestinal tract of small intestine and colon is a complex ecosystem of microbiota, enriched nutrients, and host cells. Considering this, we need to learn how the interaction between microbiota and host immune system in gut ecosystem is regulated.


Our laboratory is basically interested in how the microbiota plays a role in regulating host immune system to prevent and/or treat the numerous immunological disorders.

Currently, we are studying the following subjects.

1. The application of gut microbiota in the treatment of intestinal inflammation

2. The role of Intestinal barriers (gut organoid, intestinal stem cells, intestinal epithelial cells) in mucosal immune system

3. Gut microbiota in immune-related diseases

4. The study of gut microbiota and immune cells in different diet conditions



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Principal Investigator

Yun Kyung Lee, Ph.D.



Gut microbiota, Intestinal stem cell, Gut organoid, Mucosal immune system

Office: Room 405, SIMS

Phone: +82-41-413-5031



Post-Doctoral Scholar. California Institute of Technology

Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham