Graduate Programs

Course Work

MS, PhD and MS/PhD students should enroll as a full time student for at least 4, 5, and 7 semesters, respectively.

A minimum of 30, 36 and 60 credit hours is required for the MS, PhD and MS/PhD, respectively. Total 6 research credits (2 credits per semester) are required.

Active Module Design(AMD)
  • Students can take one of five elective ‘Modular class’ which provide three modules each.
  • Every module deals with specific and current research topics related to each five elective subjects.
  • In each class, student can take three modules for the credit.
  • If three modules are chosen from one subject, it is categorized as regular class as provided.
  • When students want to take combination of three modules from different subjects, he/she needs to be enrolled in the class of ‘Integrated Biomedical Science’ instead of provided class.
  • Each modules is five-week course.
  • The credit will be given only when students take three-modules(fifteen-week total) regardless of chronological order
Policies on Graduation

To graduate SIMS Graduate Program, students must complete the following requirements:

  • 01

    Complete graduate coursework

  • 02

    Pass the English exam and take a departmental qualifying examination

  • 03

    Submit the approved dissertation


For more information regarding academic requirements of SIMS graduate program, contact SIMS office.

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