Research Areas


We conduct research that is focused on the following key areas
to become the best basic and translational research institute in the bio-health field.
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    Regenerative medicine
    based on technology for replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues and organs

    Stem cells, which are essential in regenerative medicine, are cells with high development potential as treatments for intractable and degenerative diseases due to their ability to differentiate into various cells. At SIMS, we are developing the core technology of regenerative medicine through research on stem cell division and differentiation mechanisms, biomimetic tissue using organoids, and animal regeneration models.

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    Metabolic disease
    called the modern disease, increasing rapidly worldwide

    Metabolic disease is a category of diseases caused by abnormalities in the production, conversion, and removal of substances (i.e., chemical reactions in the body) and includes obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure. We are conducting research using cultured cells, organoids based on stem cells, animal disease models, and clinical results to create our own technology for investigating the cause of such diseases, and for developing treatments for the genetic or idiopathic onset of metabolic diseases.

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    Degenerative diseases
    increasing in our aging society

    Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Parkinson’s Disease (PD), and cancer are diseases whose symptoms progress gradually due to old age, genetic or environmental factors, and are some of the representative chronic degenerative diseases. We are conducting research to identify the causes of incurable diseases such as cancer and degenerative brain disease, and to discover new drug candidates and new treatments including cell therapy.

We will realize the vision of SIMS
through multidisciplinary research incorporating various fields of medical science to promote efficient research in the above key areas.