Soonchunhyang Institute of Medi-bio Science

provides the best research environment by employing experts in laboratory animals.
Registration Number Number 535 (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
Opening Date June 13, 2016
Location SIMS B1
Size SPF area of approximately 330 m2

Up to 1,200 cages (6,000 animals) of laboratory animals can be accommodated


In-depth research, such as the development of various animal disease models


Optimal breeding system based on the individual ventilation system (IVC Rack) system


The best research environment through the construction of advanced research equipment and infrastructures


Research support, such as animal testing and animal model development


Researcher protection through animal laboratory training


Management and operation of an animal laboratory complying with animal ethics and standards

A Zone

SPF-A Animal Breeding Area

- SPF Breeding Room
- Treatment Room
- Quarantine Room
B Zone

SPF-B Animal Breeding Area

- SPF Breeding Room
- Treatment Room
C Zone

Cleaning Area

D Zone

Storage Area

- Low Temperature Warehouse
- Waste Storage Room
E Zone

Administration Office

Animal Laboratory

  • Dae Kwang Cho

    Management of animal laboratory
  • Sang Dong Kim

    Management of animal laboratory
  • Suk Woon Yoon

    Sterilization and cleaning

Animal Laboratory Steering Committee
  • Chairman and 4~5 members of SIMS professors
  • Responsible for determining all matters and standard operating procedures (SOP) related to operating the animal laboratory
  • Decisions on sanctions for violations that are harmful to the safety of the animal laboratory
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)