SCHU President




Soonchunhyang University is the first institution of higher education in Korea established by a medical corporation, and has developed into a prestigious private university operating at the highest level in the country, fulfilling the noble aspirations of its late founder, Dr. Hyangseol Succ-Jo Suh M.D., Ph.D Having started as a medical school, Soonchunhyang University established Soonchunhyang Institute of Medi-bio Science (SIMS) to promote human health based on a medical network with four affiliated hospitals nationwide. As a core research institute of the university, SIMS will reinforce its basic research capabilities in the bio-health field and grow into a leading research institute at the highest level through translational research connecting basic and clinical studies. With SIMS as the centerpiece, we are combining the research capabilities of our university, SIMS and our hospitals, and conducting innovative, creative and flexible research in line with the diversifying research environment. At SIMS, we operate a systematic education system that meets global standards to respond to the needs of the 4th industrial revolution. In an era of uncertainty that demands creativity and innovation, we cultivate practical, junior talents who will lead new industries in the future, and leading talents with global competitiveness through an international network. Also, we have strengthened our competitiveness as a leading university specialized in medicine by maintaining the optimal balance between research and education and establishing a virtuous cycle where state-of-the-art research results are reflected in the curriculum. We firmly promise to do our best with a spirit of creativity, passion, and humanism until the day SIMS stands as the center of a world-leading medi-bio research institute.

President of SCHU