Medical IT based RNA Research Center

We pursue technology transfer and commercialization by strategically connecting the results of RNA-related research in the base region with the medical IT infrastructure of the Cheonan functional district, leading to the strengthening of the research capability for the commercialization of universities. Specifically, we aim to establish an independent “Medical IT based RNA research center” based on SIMS and lay a foundation for developing patient-customized early diagnosis and analysis technology.


Project: Functional district support project for the establishment of a science belt

Director: Prof. Seongho Ryu

Research period: September 1, 2015 ~ August 31, 2020

Supported by: Ministry of Science and ICT (Innopolis foundation)


Central goal

Development and commercialization of customized early precision diagnosis technology based on exosome miRNA

We aim to establish a database consisting of disease-specific miRNAs for neurodegenerative diseases (dementia), metabolic diseases including obesity and diabetes. Using this database, we will industrialize a customized early precision diagnostic technology that can detect the onset of disease at an early stage.

RNA diagnosis and treatment technology are recognized as a promising field in biomedical sciences, leading to intensive research and investment worldwide. As such, we will work for early dominance of the related market by developing a new precision diagnostic technology based on genetic modification, one of the existing gene-based disease diagnostic methods.