Reservation Area

Lab#1 and #2 of SPF-A area, SPF-B area laboratories

Reservation Requirements

Reservations can be made only by those who have completed the SIMS animal laboratory use training

  • Reservations available: 14 days before use
  • Time limit: 4 hours per day (please contact the administrator regarding reservations longer than 4 hours)
  • Cancellation/change: Cancellation/change can be made 24 hours prior to use
  • If you need to change/cancel within 24 hours, please contact the administrator.
How to make a reservation
  • STEP 1

    Click ‘Reserve Facilities’

  • STEP 2


  • STEP 3

    Click ‘Schedule’

  • STEP 4

    Click ‘Bookings’

  • STEP 5

    Animal facility(SPF)

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