Precision Medicine Research Center

Precision medicine is a medical field that provides optimal diagnosis and treatment for each patient by integrating disease and prognosis and collecting each patient’s genetic variation, family history, environmental factors, other diseases, lifestyle, etc. into big data.

[Fig.] Core values of precision medicine research center

Central goal

The precision medicine research center develops genome-based precision diagnoses and treatments combined with IT in line with the 4th industrial revolution, and plays the role of intermediating commercialization as well as establishing a platform for early and precise diagnosis and customized treatment in connection with regional hospitals.

Groups in the precision medicine research center

  ○ Genomics & Proteomics Core

    - Omics analysis service, including genome and proteomics

    - Development of analysis technology using big data in omics-based precision medicine

    - Establishment of big data database in precision medicine


 Metabolic disease & Precision medicine Core

    - Development of precision medical technology for diabetic complications based on exosomes

    - Operation of precision medical biobank

Precision medicine & Translational research Core

    - Creation of customized diagnosis and treatment services

    - New drug development based on precision medicine

    - Precision medicine translational research and commercialization

    - Development of precision diagnosis kit


National research project

Project: Development of precision medical technology based on multiomics

Director: Prof. Seongho Ryu

Research period: July 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2024

Fund:  13 billion KRW

Supported by: Ministry of Science and ICT (National Research Foundation)