Metabolic Disease Tissue Homeostasis Research Center

The metabolic disease tissue homeostasis research center is a leading research center specialized in local growth that works to drive sustainable and self-sustaining growth through innovation, based on the basic research project of the Ministry of Science and ICT’s basic research laboratory

□ Introduction

Securing research capabilities at an international level by transferring the world’s best research know-how related to metabolic diseases to a local research cluster in the Chungnam area

Improving core research competencies in the Chungnam area through the formation and establishment of an international cooperative research cluster in Chungnam

Establishing a regional innovation research center with core technology for the metabolic disease industry, and cultivating international research manpower in the area of metabolic diseases.

Securing original technology for β-cell tissue regeneration

Establishing a screening platform based on new β-cell organ-on-a-chip.

Developing innovative treatments for metabolic diseases for an aging society

Creating a future medical infrastructure and cultivating professional manpower in the Chungnam region.

□ Central goal

Vision: A leading regional innovation research center driving sustainable and self-sustaining innovative growth in the Chungcheong area.

Objective: Research on new diabetes treatment through the interaction of adipose tissue and beta cells.

 □ Final research objective

For type 2 diabetes as well, transplantation of β-cells or regeneration of β-cells through stem cell therapy is considered a useful diabetes treatment. Regarding insulin resistance, we propose a new paradigm in which the expansion of β-cells occurs through differentiation, proliferation, and regeneration by mediators of the inflammatory response secreted from abdominal fat.

□ Research contents by stage and by group