Use Guide


Due to the characteristics of the center, SIMS research facility differs in how it is to be used depending on its location.
To use the facility, please check where the facility is located in the facility list.

Available Facilities
Use Guide

The equipment of the SCH Biomedical Science Core-facility can be used after making a reservation using the ZEUS system.

Go to the ZEUS Hompage
Usage Procedure
  • STEP 1 Reservation

    You need to create a ZEUS account before using the reservation page. Please make a reservation before using the equipment (★ consultation with the administrator is required)

    TEL. 82-41-413-5052~3, 5033


    Cancellation of your reservation must take place at least 2 hours before use.
    (Requests for reservation changes and cancellation may be made through the administration office from 09:30 am to 04:30 pm)

  • STEP 2 Use

    - Only those who have confirmed (approved) the reservation on the reservation page on the website can use the equipment.

    - The user should use the equipment in the presence of an administrator.

    - Write logbook (start time, username).

    - After use, clean up the surroundings and check with the administrator after writing the end time in the logbook.

  • STEP 3 Fee calculation

    - Usage fee is calculated and charged in 30-minute increments.

    - Total fee can be checked in the ZEUS payment tab.

※ Note The minimum reservation time for all equipment is 30 minutes (15 minutes for some equipment), and the maximum is 4 hours.
If you want to use the equipment for more than 4 hours, please contact the Core-facility or the SIMS equipment manager.

Reservation Procedure
Step Procedure
Access the ZEUS system
Signing up for the ZEUS system
Make a reservation after creating an account (existing users can make a reservation after logging in)
Equipment reservation
1. Consult with the administrator regarding the equipment’s availability.
2. Equipment reservation > Reservation > Select the equipment > Click the reservation button > Fill out information > Apply for reservation
Reservation confirmation
1. User OO’s login to ZEUS
2. My reservation & payment > reservation
3. Click on the corresponding equipment and check the progress (the equipment can be used after the reservation is approved).
Equipment use
You can use the equipment in the presence of the administrator after your reservation is approved (for researchers of SIMS, you can use the equipment directly without the administrator).
Contact information

TEL 82-41-413-5052~3, 5033


Use Guide

If you need to use shared equipment, then you can use it after applying for reservation through the SIMS reservation system. (However, reservations can’t be made if you do not have permission to make a reservation.)

Equipment Reservation System
Usage Procedure
  • STEP 1 Education

    - Reservations are only available for those who have completed the equipment operation training or have experience with their operation.

    Those who have observed usage of equipment more than 5 times are considered to have completed training.

  • STEP 2 Reservation

    - Reservations can be made on the reservation page on the SIMS website.

    Those planning to make a reservation must create a personal account before using the reservation page.
    Only those who have completed training or experience in operation are authorized to make a reservation (approved by the administrator).
    If you wish to use the equipment, then make a reservation before using the equipment.
    (Outsiders are required to consult with the manager)

    - Some equipment usage times are limited to daily hours (Mon – Fri, 08:00 - 20:00).

    - Reservation must be canceled at least 2 hours in advance (charges apply if not used without canceling)

    - Equipment reservations cannot be made during equipment maintenance hours by the administrator (08:00 - 10:00 every month, 17:00 - 18:00 Friday)

  • STEP 3 Fee

    - Only those whose reservation has been checked (approved) on the reservation page on the website can use the equipment.

    - When using the equipment, the user fills out a usage register (start time, user) in the presence of an administrator.

    - After use, the user organizes the equipment usage area and enters the end time in the usage register book, which must be checked by the administrator.

※ Shared equipment subject to reservation

Number Facility Model Location Quantity Time limit for 1-time use
1 Ultracentrifuge CP100NX 4F 1 4 hours
2 Rotary Microtome RM2255 5F 1 4 hours
3 Cryocut Microtome CM1860 5F 1 4 hours
4 Tissue Processor Citadel 3F 1 -
5 Paraffin Embedder Histostar 3F 1 -
6 Real-Time PCR CFX96Touch 2~4F 1 4 hours
7 PCR T100 2~4F 4 4 hours
8 Microplate Reader Discover 3F 1 -
Reservation Procedures
Order Method
Website sign-up
Authorization Request
After signing up as a member, ask the person in charge for authorization of the reservation system. (Submit the requested equipment and ID when requesting authorization.)
Reservations can be made after getting authorization by the person in charge.
Reservation is possible within the time limit for each device.
Check Reservation
Can be used according to the method of use by equipment.
Immediately report to the person in charge when a problem occurs.

TEL 82-41-413-5005